Over six years ago, I began working with Dr. Hanna to prepare materials for her new Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program. I was an appropriate choice to help her because of my background as a cancer survivor (34-year survivor, thyroid cancer).Because of my background, I was already familiar with many of the concepts she was incorporating into her program. As we worked together during the final development, I gained a much deeper understanding of her unique approach and overall concept regarding the repair and revitalization of the body's cells as a powerful method to restore a healthy condition. The world of the "cell" was totally unknown to me before.

I believe the program that
resulted is very easy for people to do and will be widely accepted because, in the beginning, one does not have to change the diet, only add the Cell-Pure Foods! I tried these foods and discovered my energy and vitality improved very quickly. I found the recipes easy to prepare and I was delighted to be able to fix them once or twice a month and not have to worry about them every day! All I needed to do to stay on the program was open the fridge, grab a jar and spoon the foods onto my plate. What could be easier?

I still ate whatever other foods I wanted at first -- even foods that are not considered to be "healthy". But after a few weeks, I found my taste for foods had changed; I simply wasn't hungry for "unhealthy" foods anymore. My diet had changed all by itself -- no will power involved! I found my cravings were for Cell-Pure Foods! Imagine that . . . craving healthy stuff!

Not only did my energy increase, I dropped weight quickly. After a couple of weeks, I could feel my body fat dropping each day. Still, all I was doing different was including the Cell-Pure Foods. If I was in a hurry that day, I took the Food Cream with me and I was set for the day. If I had more time, I used the marinated salads. Believe me, this is much easier that what I had to do before to keep my condition in check. This is important to me because of my health background. Thanks, Doc!

San Diego, CA - 1995

Since I was 17 years-old I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Over the years it has come and gone, but still continues to plague me. It effects not only physical self but also my mental and emotional state of being. I am a yoga teacher and have found some relief through my practice, however I teach a large amount of classes per week which can trigger Chronic Fatigue symptoms at any time.
For over the past 1 1/2 years, I have done typing work for Dr. Hanna whom I met through a job search agency. Although I lead a normally healthy and active life, (mostly vegetarian diet and organic foods) my Chronic Fatigue continues to linger until I met Dr. Hanna. Her Live Foods recipes alone have helped me tremendously.
I usually show up at her office tired after having taught as many as two classes prior. After eating one cup of Energy Food Mix before a light meal, it only takes about 1 1/2 hours to kick in. Once it kicks in, the world basically opens up. My energy level soars and the level of my mental clarity is incredible. I finally feel like I’ve woken up. When I repeat the same at home, I get the same fantastic results. It is truly amazing and certainly beats any over the counter remedy that I have ever taken. When I incorporate her program into my life, my Chronic Fatigue symptoms vanish. I have energy for my three year old child and enough to accomplish and participate in life’s little pleasures.
I also use Green Ambrosia on my face and my skin becomes alive as well. It appears to vibrate with energy and looks great. Green Ambrosia taken internally and topically is an amazing product that I highly recommend.

Julie Gengo, R.Y.T.
Carlsbad ,CA - 2004


3   I have been using FiberTein and VeggieTein for about 1 year by adding it to my breakfast (Malt-O-Meal is delicious). When I first began to actually use it on a regular basis I noticed my body felt different - it was similar to when I have quit smoking, where my body went through a cleansing phase. I didn't quite know if my body was rejecting it and wanting something else or if something was working. After a month or so I really began to notice it was making me feel better and reducing my cravings - including those midnight snacks I lived by. I still eat whatever is put in front of me (no mushrooms!) but I eat less of it and I don't crave unhealthy foods.
I have begun to implement Dr. Hanna's para-therapy program with her recipes and feel pretty darn good - I work around 16 hours a day and need good food that supplies energy (without stimulants) and Dr. Hanna's products are perfect.

Encinitas, CA - 2007


I am 33 years-old and when I was in the 7th grade my grandfather had heart disease and one of the things that stuck in my mind from my time with him was how important eating healthy food was. He would tell me over and over again that in order for me to avoid all the suffering he was enduring that I had to change my diet. So I began exercising but other than that I continued to eat fast foods. It took me all these years to finally understand what my grandfather meant by healthy food. It was through your program Dr. Hanna that I was able to change my bad eating habits. I did suffer from ADD where I was always unable to complete any projects that I engaged in.

I turned to medical drugs for help. But over time nothing really changed.
I began using FiberTein and VeggieTein and recipes from the books back in December 2005 and after only a month my transformation has been unbelievable. I am mentally and physically 100 percent better. I am glad to say that I am also finally drug free. I have substituted power bars with FiberTein and VeggieTein paste every 2 hours while I am at work and I have never felt so good in my life. I am no longer constipated.
I have also added these products into my puppy Tucker's food and he now eats his food as opposed to eating my food. He is a happy boy filled with energy.
Thank you Dr. Hanna for opening my eyes and giving me the opportunity to be happy and healthy.

Orange County, CA - 2004



I was referred to Dr. Hanna about three weeks ago as I have been suffering from I.B.S. (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) where my digestive tract is unable to breakdown food properly. As a result of my digestive issues I developed gall balder and kidney infections. I was extremely tired all of the time and had no energy to get through my day. My stomach was also consistently bloated.

I visited a medical Dr. who put me on medication for my condition but I still had the same symptoms. I was very upset and called Dr. Hanna who suggested that I add cayenne pepper and garlic to the veggie-cream mixture that I had made and directed me to eat a cupful three times a day. I continued on my medication as per her instruction but ate the combination as she said.
The very next day, I had increased energy and felt much better overall. I could get through my day and even worked extended hours. I had greater clarity as well. The fog had lifted. I even lost 4-5 pounds over the next three weeks and my infections went away within a few days. However I still needed to get to the root of my problem as she had explained that we are all born with at least 10 inherent genetic weaknesses. When I met with her again we discussed that fact that both of my uncles died of colon cancer and my father had Crohn's Disease. I then began adding the VegeTein and FiberTein mixtures into my daily diet and they really made a difference in my digestion process.

The main reason why I continue to use these food combinations is because they are easy to make. I feel satisfied after I eat, I am no longer hungry and most importantly I feel great, and function at a might higher level at work and at home.

Thank you Dr. Hanna for giving me hope and allowing me to feel so much better.

Orange Co, CA - 2005


Dear Dr. Hanna:
I have a busy schedule as an entertainer, as well as being a wife. I also have several health concerns that make my work more challenging at times. Added to this is the fact that, in my business, even though I am slim by most standards, there is tremendous pressure to fit the industry standard. This is a constant concern. Eliminating foods that irritate my condition as well as adding live foods to my diet has made a huge difference in my life. The way I see it is, the more I read your books and include your recipes and
suggestions in my eating regime,
the more quickly I can convert my sick cells into healthy cells and obtain ultimate health. I have learned so much about my body’s needs from you. For this I truly thank you.

Thankfully yours,
Christine La Fond,
Las Vegas, Nevada - October 2002

I wanted to share with you the fact that my two small dogs, absolutely go nuts over your Green Ambrosia. They seem to have a sixth sense when I am mixing it up and always begin begging for it immediately.


  Before learning of Dr. Hanna’s program I was living on ‘energy drinks’, fast food and diet coke. But, somehow I was still tired. When I met Dr. Hanna, I was asking a lot of questions. She smiled and told me that the answers were in her book. Then she followed with the basic concept, and I paraphrase...”not everyone is not chewing their food, they are rushing through a meal and then wondering why they have digestive problems...” I was listening while I was dealing with an upset stomach and agreeing with everything she was telling me. She went on to say that if we provide our bodies with quality nutritents, and much smaller portions that the body would absorb the nutrients quickly and I would start to feel better.
“Honestly”, I replied, “that makes perfect sense. My mom even said to
chew my food 32 times. But I don’t think she had a Big Mac in mind!” During this visit with Dr. Hanna she handed me a sample of Veggie Cream in a small tea cup. It
looked awful, I thought while still wanting to be polite. I did not know if I should drink it or try to eat it. Then after I smelled Veggie Cream I tried it. “Not bad. Tastes better than it looks.” After adding some extra orange juice to sweeten it up a little, it was actually quite good. Well all I can say is that she is onto something big here and has definitly changed my life. After having Veggie Cream just once I felt somehow
clearer, refreshed, and somehow whole. Energy drinks in the past provided a different
kind of buzz, maybe even the jitters. Veggie Cream satisfied my hunger and provided a lift. For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to cut back on the fast foods and add more natural, raw foods to my diet. The first week was impossible. The second week was easier and this week I am actually snacking on green grapes while I am writting this. I am feeling more energetic now without the ‘Energy Drinks’ than I ever thought

Jon Dixon
Oceanside, CA - 2004


  I have been searching for years and have not found one system that has given me any benefit, not until I found the Cell Pure System. I am in the health business and know firsthand that if you want to lead a healthy and active life, you need to rid your body of harmful toxins. Cell Pure has done it for me, I don’t have to put up with constant acid stomach, unable to digest my food after eating and feeling tired all the time; Cell Pure has taken all of that away, it really does work! Dr. Hanna is a brilliant scientist who has made a truly significant breakthrough, Cell Pure is like the Fountain of Youth! It is the only system that works because it goes to the cellular level attacks free radicals and best of all it has purified my body.
I know I will live a long healthy life by using the Cell Pure system everyday! If you are truly interested in leading a healthy, active and long life and feeling good everyday then the Cell Pure System is for you. The Cell Pure System attacks free radicals, purifies your body at the cellular level and is the best system for health; it has truly changed my life.

Donald K. Dougherty, Partner
BotanaMedica, LLC
La Costa, CA - 2004

  Dr. Hanna,
Because you got me started on your program I am now 64 lbs lighter, healthier, more energetic and no need for Viagra. I would recommend your program to Women, Men, Children and Pets. I travel all over the World and your products are with me. Thanks again for a new life
and health.

John von Miklossy
Escondido, CA - 2004

I am 23 years old. Since I started Dr. Hanna's program in October 2005, I have for the first time been reaching my goals with my weight and appearance and my stamina. I am a model and it is important for me to look good and also feel good so I can get through my days. This program is great! I used to take protein powders but have since gone off of them completely. I use the recipes on a daily basis and I am totally into the organic lifestyle.

I would like to thank you for putting together such great information that is easy to understand and apply.

San Diego, CA - 2005

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