Ten months ago, my husband suffered a stroke. He became very disoriented and sometimes didn't recognize me. The doctor tried many things to help his memory return, with little results.
About 3 months ago, I talked to Dr. Hanna and began giving him green vegetable cream (one of the Cell-Pure Foods), 1/2 cup two times per day. The first thing I noticed is his regularity improved quickly. His condition is improving each day. He recognizes me now. He gets out of bed and gets dressed up each day and wants to go walking often. On one of his recent check-ups, the doctor commented that his condition was much improved.

Since I was preparing vegetable cream for my husband every day, I began taking it, too. I found, that soon I became much more regular and that my energy increased right away. My doctor, whom I have seen frequently over the last 10 years, asked me what I was doing differently because my high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels had gone down to normal. In addition, he asked what was making my skin and eyes look so much better and clearer. He asked where I was getting that "glow" from. I told him what I had been doing differently. He asked me to bring some recipes to him so that he could try it with his wife at home. Also, I have mild arthritis. Perhaps if I continue with these foods, this condition can improve too. I'm willing to give it a try.

Mission Viejo, CA - 1998

P.S. From their daughter Eva in Mission Viejo: My parents have been healthy, happy and doing very well. After using Step #3 to strengthen the cells of the heart and brain, my father's condition has improved drastically. He is feeling very well and has not had any more problems with strokes or his heart. My parents have even been healthy enough to move to Argentina to live with my sister. To this day, they both still use Cell-Pure Para-Therapy program foods to maintain their health. I guess making sure your cells are clean and healthy is important even in paradise!



Dear Dr. Hanna,
Taking into consideration my advanced age I don’t look
too bad on this photograph taken in December 2003.Thank you Dr. Hanna. According to her instructions I started with cleansing the intestinal track with her fiber mixture-combination of different cereal brands. Another such as “algae mixture” in combination of flax seed oil and heavy whipped cream-did miracles to my face. Thank you again
Hanka Gorska,
Misson Viejo, CA - December 2003



Over 13 years ago, I was helping Dr. Hanna with some work on her computer. During this time, she kept talking to me about her ideas on how to improve and rebuild the metabolism of the cells and what that could mean to a person's healthy condition.
As I learned more through working with her, I realized this information could be helpful to me to overcome some minor chronic conditions I experienced from time to time. My skin used to break out with blisters periodically, I had some virus problems between my fingers, and I felt tired more and more often.

As I learned, I began to try her ideas out, adding more greens to my diet in many forms. (This was before her development of Cell-Pure Foods and the Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program). As I followed her ideas, my skin improved! The virus went away! My vitality returned!! And now, after many years, another interesting thing is happening. I was born without toenails on my little toes. All of a sudden, I am growing toenails on those toes! WOW! Needless to say, I'll be taking these green foods every day for the rest of my life. I feel excited to see what more can be accomplished.

George T. Mioduski
Masters Degree In Electrical Engineering
Bedford, TX - July 1990


  My favorite food on a daily basis has always been salad, until I started eating Dr. Hanna’s Marinated Salad. It is the best tasting salad that I have eaten and completely satisfies my sometimes over-worked taste buds. I look forward to eating it on a daily
basis as I continue this wonderful program that helps me lose weight and stay really healthy.

Noreen Prezio
Carlsbad, CA - January 2004

  To Dr. Hanna,
Pat has been on your diet for several months. We use the “Green Ambrosia” and milk
on his face and it has helped his skin as he has had Basel Cel Carsanoma which has left sores and irritation on his face. It’s a wonderful combination. He likes taking Dr. Hanna’s vitamins as he doesn’t choke as on other brands. He is 95 years old and enjoys traveling and keeping healthy due to Dr. Hanna’s diet.
He hasn’t seen a Doctor for over a year now. My name is Genia Paderewski and we both are on Dr. Hanna’s diet. I haven’t seen a Doctor in almost 1 1/2 years. This year we were in Colorado Springs and I fell on an
icy deck. I went up in the air and my husband fell on top of me. I broke my glasses, but got up without any broken bones. Just bruised and chipped a tooth, which has to be capped. WE fly and travel each month to various places. My husband loves to dance. We are on thego constantly. We love the creams, especially the combination of grapefruit and oranges.

C.J. Paderewski, F.A.I.A. O.P.R.
San Diego,CA - October 2003



My husband passed away five years ago and ever since, I have not been able to sleep at night and I could not rest during the day. I was miserable.
Some friends of mine tried Dr. Hanna's green vegetable cream with fantastic results. They told me I should try it, and that it might help me overcome the insomnia. I have another condition of sticky platelets in my blood.

I thought perhaps it could help me with this, too. I decided to try it.I began using vegetable cream two weeks ago and now I am sleeping soundly for about six hours each day. I've noticed my bowels have become more regular and I am feeling much better than before. I think it's working!

Danuta Wojcechowski
Vista, CA - 1998

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