Gucci is an adorable 9 1/2 year-old Shih-Tzu. Ever since she was a puppy she has only eaten chicken legs and liver and from time to time Feta cheese. She has never taken to pet foods no matter what brand. After noticing that she regularly would sneak out into the garden and eat some grass, I realized that she had a craving for“greens.
” To keep her from eating the grass, I decided to give Gucci one quarter teaspoon of Green Ambrosia mixed with spring water to see if it would satisfy her obvious need for “greens.” Typically Gucci’s appetite in general was low. After letting her smell the mixture for a couple of days while I applied the product to my face, Gucci finally decided to try a taste. She has been hooked ever since and now begs for it when I use the mixture on my face. She has also stopped eating the grass and her appetite has dramatically improved. Now she is begging for Fibertein and Veggietein since everything that I eat she feels she must have as well. She is livelier than ever and dancing all the time.


I can’t take the credit for making any of the recipes for your live foods, because I benefit solely from my Mom’s efforts. I can say that I suffer from a stomach disorder called acid reflux and certain chemical imbalances related to blood sugar problems, as well as, adult attention deficit disorder, and that eating raw live foods regularly definitely helps me in all these areas. An added bonus is that I love the marinated salads. I think I should also mention that my puppy, a little toy poodle named Odette, loves your Green Ambrosia. It’s like she knows where we keep it and she starts begging for her share.
I always thought that dogs instinctively know what’s good for them and Odette seems to really think Green Ambrosia is very good for her. I feel bad when we run out because I always give her the last little bit from my glass. Not to mention, I love it too.

Gratefully yours,
Jonathan Marquez
El Monte, CA - October 2002



Dear Dr. Hanna:
I have a busy schedule as an entertainer, as well as being a wife. I also have several health concerns that make my work more challenging at times. Added to this is the fact that, in my business, even though I am slim by most standards, there is tremendous pressure to fit the industry standard. This is a constant concern. Eliminating foods that irritate my condition as well as adding live foods to my diet has made a huge difference in my life. The way I see it is, the more I read your books and include your recipes and suggestions in my eating regime,
the more quickly I can convert my sick cells into healthy cells and obtain ultimate health. I have learned so much about my body’s needs from you. For this I truly thank you.

Thankfully yours,
Christine La Fond,
Las Vegas, Nevada - October 2002

I wanted to share with you the fact that my two small dogs, absolutely go nuts over your Green Ambrosia. They seem to have a sixth sense when I am mixing it up and always begin begging for it immediately.


I am 33 years-old and when I was in the 7th grade my grandfather had heart disease and one of the things that stuck in my mind from my time with him was how important eating healthy food was. He would tell me over and over again that in order for me to avoid all the suffering he was enduring that I had to change my diet. So I began exercising but other than that I continued to eat fast foods. It took me all these years to finally understand what my grandfather meant by healthy food. It was through your program Dr. Hanna that I was able to change my bad eating habits. I did suffer from ADD where I was always unable to complete any projects that I engaged in.

I turned to medical drugs for help. But over time nothing really changed.
I began using FiberTein and VeggieTein and recipes from the books back in December 2005 and after only a month my transformation has been unbelievable. I am mentally and physically 100 percent better. I am glad to say that I am also finally drug free. I have substituted power bars with FiberTein and VeggieTein paste every 2 hours while I am at work and I have never felt so good in my life. I am no longer constipated.

I have also added these products into my puppy Tucker's food and he now eats his food as opposed to eating my food. He is a happy boy filled with energy.

Thank you Dr. Hanna for opening my eyes and giving me the opportunity to be happy and healthy.

Orange County, CA - 2004


  Dear Dr. Hanna:

I have to tell you about my little four legged daughter, Molly. You know Molly is a 3 pound teacup poodle, who I admit is very spoiled. Well, we recently changed Molly’s food, and at first, she loved it. When she later refused to eat her new food, I became worried and remembered how well she liked your Green Ambrosia. I found an old container of the Green Ambrosia in the back of the refrigerator with only residual green sticking to the sides. I added water to it, shook it up, and poured it over her food. This did the trick and she ate every bite. In closing, I want to thank you so much for sharing your life’s work with the rest of the world Dr. Hanna.
Your wonderful Cell Rejuvenation Skin Care Products have helped me and I am sure they will help many other individuals as well.

Very sincerely,
Donna Marquez,
El Monte, CA - October 2002

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